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“Joining Crossfit Western Front has been one of the best decisions I have made. Before joining Crossfit I was very self conscious and body shy. I would do anything I could to stay covered up and dreaded wearing a bikini in summer. I was always to scared to join at first because everyone was strong and fit and I was the complete opposite. It wasn’t until my Mum joined CFWF that I finally had the courage to join myself. I officially joined in July and the results couldn’t be better. I feel more comfortable with my body and I am even developing visible muscles. I started on an 8kg bar for all of my movements including deadlifts, and now I can lift 81kg. I feel healthy and happy and I have the CrossFit Western Front crew to thank for that. They have motivated me and pushed me beyond my limits to get me where I am today.”~Tara Jade.



IMG_0358IMG_0359“I can still remember how nervous I was, as my fingers hovered over the keyboard of my computer. With shaky hands I typed, and inquired about joining this crossfit box that had recently popped up across the road from Riverlink. I had a “fair” idea what I thought crossfit was and I was keen to get lean.

So off I went to my first class and STRAIGHT UP, I honestly felt as if I had “strained my LIFE”, but at least I wasn’t alone. Coach Brandon and others willed me on to finish, and what I saw was unbelievable. Men and women throwing weight over their heads like a boss!! People doing pull ups FOR DAYS*@#!!! and happy, groups of people happy talking to each other and encouraging one another to do one more rep. That was the moment I thought, I can do this. Even though my arms hurt and my lungs burn’t seeing all these Badass everyday people killin it was enough for me and I wanted to be just like that.

Naturally I was still a novice, barely able to hold 8kgs over my head. Wallballs challenged my mere existence not to mention my co ordination, and made my quads cry!!! I needed the thickest band to do pull ups. Doubles unders??? JUST NEVER MIND and toes to bar, well lets not kid ourselves I was literally a small child the last time I hung from a bar.

There were days when I could barely get of bed. I’d groan with some new painful experience but I knew everything was being woken up through crossfit. So as often as I could I’d get up and WOD. Pretty soon I was routinely kicking it with an awesome bunch of people who have helped me improve physically and mentally, they’d get me to pick the barbell up when all I wanted to do was drop it, counted each rep to the bitter end and helped me fight through the pain.

It’s been just over a year now since I started here at CFWF and its been an amazing trip to say the least.

I’ve surprised myself with a few newly acquired skills and I’ve hit a few PRs along the way. You’ll be happy to know I have made peace with the double under. Yes I may still end up with fifty shades of grey whip marks on my legs, but I chalk that up to the sweet sting of double under success.

With that being all said and done. Crossfit is my new way of living, my regular “Go to thing” I like to do. The coaches here Alex, Kate and Cielo are helping me re construct myself in a sustainable healthy way.

 I believe crossfit is for everyone and that the saying, “not for the faint hearted” does not apply here. Honestly all you have to do is show up, and you will find your strength, your courage, your community and you will be BADASS…. EVERYDAY.”~Claudia White.